Astrology Services

Astrology (Jyotish) Services

  • A1) Horoscope consultation – INR 1111 (per question)
  • A2) Horoscope consultation for family – INR 11111 (upto 4 members, 3 questions each)
  • A3) Detailed horoscope matching for marriage/business partners/live-in relationship/trust formation etc.) – INR 4111 for match making of two individuals/partners ; Additional individual/partner – INR 1111
  • A4) Horary astrology (Prashna Jyotish/Any time question without birth details) – INR 1111 (per question)
  • A5) Birth time correction (when known birth time is approximate) – INR 6111
  • A6) Annual horoscope analysis for coming one year starting around your birth date/tithi (Varsha Kundali/Tithi Pravesh) – INR 2111
  • A7) Hand-written traditional horoscope (Janma Kundali) making with remedial measures – INR 5111
  • A8) Lost horoscopy (Nashta Jatakam); Making of horoscope in absence of birth details – INR 7111
  • A9) Horsocope Consultation / Horary Astrology for BPL Card Holders in India – No Charges! Free!
  • A10) Horoscope Consultation for Spirituality Seeker, questions related to non-worldly affairs, about spiritual advancement, path of Moksha, Ishta Devata etc.. – No Charges! Free!

What Our Clients Says About Our Astrology Services

  • Divyashree S. Cuttack (India)
    Although a student of astrology, my session with Daivajnaji was the first time I ever consulted a professional astrologer. I have been in the midst of a difficult transition and he helped give me some perspective on a past relationship as well as some perspective into my own personal development. Accurate assessment, Effective Remedies and Excellent Service. I am indebted to him forever.
    Divyashree S. Cuttack (India)
  • Balaji R., Secunderabad (India)
    I have been taking lot of astrological advices for a long time from many astrologers. But, in my life I have not come across such a detailed reading, like the one Raja Garu has provided. He is very knowledgeable. His spiritual guidance and divine remedies are great trouble shooters in my life.
    Balaji R., Secunderabad (India)
  • Kiran M. Pune (India)
    Pandit Jee has an immense knowledge and is extremely genuine and to the point. He has remedies for all extreme problems which are simple to follow. His predictions and advices are very good.
    Kiran M. Pune (India)
  • Alfred W., Dubbo (Australia)
    I never knew about Vedic Astrology before my experience with Mr. Raja Daivajna. His predictions, study and analysis were not only factually spot on but also unearthed some of my own fears. He follows a very humane and sensitive line of thought. I now truly enjoy a fufilling life after following his guidance through the divine source.
    Alfred W., Dubbo (Australia)
  • Babulal D. P. Tanga (Tanzania)
    I am deeply grateful and humbled that Shri Guruji so gracefully arranged a very important Pooja at my place overseas. Not only my astrologer, he has reached out to me as an advisor and a guiding force in times of great need, and supported me when I needed it most.
    Babulal D. P. Tanga (Tanzania)
  • M. S. Rathore., Jodhpur (India)
    Everyone who knows me knows that I love astrology and use it in my life. I’ve found Rajaji’s readings especially uplifting. He’s been there with inspirational advice through all of my ups and downs. I rely on his guidance to help me get through some of my hardest times.
    M. S. Rathore., Jodhpur (India)