Numerology/Namology Services

Hindu numerology is based on ‘Samkhya’ school of Hindu philosophy. It is believed numbers 1 to 9 are ruled by nine planets; thus thy have close correlation with the number of realities (Tattvas) that are present in nature, the human body and in universe. Hindu numerology identifies the numbers that are hidden in the objects, realities and phenomena of the macrocosm and relate them to their corresponding aspects in the microcosm of the human personality to understand how behavior and tendencies may manifest and how one can make intelligent changes in destiny and future outcomes based on numerology patterns and predictions.

  • N1) Lucky Number, Destiny Number, Karmic Number Identification and analysis/guidelines – INR 1111
  • N2) Numerological name of child, Numerological corrections/change in existing name – INR 4111
  • N3) Numerology/Namology – Name of the firm, Name of the business, Change/correction in existing name of firm, business or institution – INR 7111
  • N4) House Numbers/Vehicle Numbers (inclusive of alphabets) – INR 2111

What Our Clients Say About Our Numerology Services

  • V. Thakur, Shimla (India)
    Shree Raja Daivajna, thanks a ton for your help. I must tell you that after changing my name name spelling and mobile number I got a new job in a multinational company with a salary more than I expected! Thanks once again.
    V. Thakur, Shimla (India)
  • S. Bhattacharya., Asansol (India)
    Thank you for being my guide and help extended at the beginning of my career. Your suggestions changed my life and led to success. I am still amazed that just adding single ‘i’ alphabet in my name and selecting plot number as per numerology worked wonders in my career
    S. Bhattacharya., Asansol (India)
  • Ali A., Surat (India)
    I met Mr. Raja in 2006. After doing minor corrections regarding numbers and alphabets suggested by him, my business turnover went up by many folds. I personally feel he is a blessed soul and I am lucky to meet him on time.
    Ali A., Surat (India)
  • Premalatha R., Abu Dhabi (UAE)
    Shri Raja Daivajna is extremely gifted. His knowledge of numerology and predictions are spot on. My life has completely transformed after I met him. He is a super positive force and his remedies and name corrections are wonderfully working. He has been constantly guiding me and my family in all matters and stood uncannily on the mark every time.
    Premalatha R., Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • Bob J., Denver (US)
    I have known Raja for more than 17 years now. He has named both of my children with spellings aligned to the alphabetical energy. I am proud to say that they are star performers. Raja had suggested to re-name my firm based on numerology a decade back which I had done instantly. By divine grace Raja and his numerology have been integral parts of my life for all round success and peaceful life.
    Bob J., Denver (US)