Why Astrology ?

Jyotisha, a Sanskrit word, translates to "Science of Light". Jyotisha is the "remover of the darkness of ignorance". It is the eye of divine knowledge which is pure, supreme, and exalted. Jyotisha is believed to have been conceived by the ancient sages while in a state of super-consciousness which allowed them to cognize life beyond time and space, beyond past, present and future. In this super-conscious state, they recognized the energetic rays of the planets as reflectors eternal energy. This energy bears influence on everything animate and inanimate, effecting/affecting humans, all living/non-living matters on biological, physical, spiritual, psychological and mundane levels. It is said that the sages observed and experimented these planetary energies with astronomy and codified them into astrology rules, based on which Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha is practiced by Vedic astrologers.

It has been proved that oldest existing (over 6000 years) texts are Vedas. These world´s most ancient scriptures – Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sam, Atharva) give evidence of a culture rich in the arts, philosophy, religion and science. The Vedas are considered by many to be the most complete system of knowledge known to man. Jyotisha was first mentioned in the Rig Veda and references were also made in the classical Indian epics like Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagvad Geeta. There are six important limbs of Vedas: Shiksha – phonetics (nose), Chhandas - prosody(feet), Vyakarana – grammar (face), Nirkuta – etymology (ears), Kalpa – rituals (hands), Jyotisha – astrology and astronomy (eyes).

Siddhanta Shiromani

वेदचक्षु: किलेदं समृतं ज्यौतिषं मुख्यता चाङ्गमध्येऽस्य तेनोच्यते ।
संयुतौऽपीतरै: कर्णनासादिभिश्चक्षुषाङ्गेन हीनो न किञ्चित्कर: ॥
Amongst these six limbs, Astrology (ज्यौतिषं) is termed as eyes of Vedas (वेदचक्षु:). As without eyes one is incomplete, in absence of Astrology, knowledges of other five limbs of Vedas is worthless!

Maharshi Arshtisheni, Jyotirnibandha

वेदेषु विद्यासु च ये प्रदिष्टा धर्मादयः काल विशेषतोSर्था: ।
ते सिद्धि मायान्त्यखिलाश्च येन तद् वेद नेत्रं जयतीह लोके ॥
All the duties, responsibilities and religious rituals mentioned in Vedas and other texts are successful only when under influence of Astrology; hail to this knowledge of Astrology, dignified as eyes of Vedas!


वेदा हि यज्ञार्थमभिप्रवृत्ताः कालानुपूर्वा विहिताश्च यज्ञाः। तस्मादिदं कालविधानशास्त्रं यो ज्येतिषं वेद स वेद यज्ञान् ॥
यथा शिखा मयूराणां नागानां मणयो यथा। तद्वद् वेदाङ्गशास्त्राणां गणितं मूर्धनि स्थितम्॥
Astrology is knowledge of time. Fire sacrifice and other works and rituals etc. are fruitful only if done during auspicious time as per astrology; if not, they are futile. Like the crest of a peacock and the gem on the head of a snake; Astrology is the head of all knowledge.

Hora Ratnam

या ब्रह्मणा विलखिता नरभालपट्टे प्राग्जन्मकर्मसद्सत्फलपाकशस्ति: ।
होरा प्रकाशयति तामिह वर्ण पङ्क्तिम् दीपो यथा निशि घटादिकमन्धकारे ॥
Like the lamp shows the things hidden in darkness, Astrology reveals the good and bad fruits (to be experienced) written on one’s forehead by Lord Brahma, earned by previous deeds (Karma).

Bhagvat Puranam

ज्योतिषामयनम्साक्षात्यत्तद्ज्ञानमतिद्रियम् । प्रणितम्भवता येन पुमान्वेद परावरम् ॥
Astrology is a scripture and knowledge of enlighten planets and constellations, which leads to salvation devoid of senses.


अर्थार्जने सहाय: पुरुषाणामापदर्णवे पोत: । यात्रा समये मन्त्री जातकमपहाय नास्त्यपर: ॥
Astrology - helps in earning wealth, helps cross the ocean of difficulties like a boat and guides like a minister during journeys.

Hora Makaranda

निजानि भाग्यान्यवगन्तु मुच्चैरापत्पयोराशिमपि प्रतर्तुम् । द्रव्यं तथोपार्जयितुं जनानां होरां विना नान्य इहास्त्युपाय: ॥
To know one’s fortune, to get material gains and to cross the ocean of difficulties; none other than Astrology knowledge would be helpful.

Shuddhi Deepika

विफलान्यन्यशास्त्राणि विवाद्स्तेषुकेवलम् । सफलम्ज्योतिषम्शास्त्रम् चंद्रार्को यत्र साक्षिणौ ॥
All classic texts are non apparent and often debatable and disputed; because luminaries are aparent, Astrology is a successful branch of knowledge.

Narada Samhita

सिद्धांत संहिता होरा रूपं स्कंधत्रयात्मकम् । वेदस्य निर्मलंचक्षु ज्योति:शास्त्रमनुत्तमम् ॥
Divine eyes of Vedas is Astrology; which consists three important subjects - principles of maths, codes and predictive knowledge.

Brihat Samhita

वनम्समाश्रितायेऽपि निर्ममानिष्परिग्रहा: । अपितेपरिपृच्छन्ति ज्योतोषाम्गतिकोविदम् ॥
न सांवत्सरपाठी च नरकेषुपपद्यते । ब्रह्मलोके प्रतिष्ठाम् च लभते देवचिन्तक: ॥
The householders who went into forests abandoning all attachments and affection, also question astrologers about themselves; then what is left to say about ordinary humans! The person who possesses the knowledge of Astrology never goes to hell; but is dignified Godly and goes to heaven.

Brihaspati Samhita

ग्रहाधिनम्जगत्सर्वम् ग्रहाधिना: नरावरा: । कालज्ञानम्ग्रहाधिनम् ग्रहा: कर्मफलप्रदा: ॥
Entire world, all humans and knowledge of time are dependent on planets; and planets are the givers of fruits of all deeds.

Lomesha Samhita

भूतम्चैवभविष्यम् च वर्तमानतथैव च । सर्वप्रदर्शकम्शास्त्रम् सिद्धिदम्मोक्षकारणम् ॥
Astrology is a guide for past, future and presence; it is also a very reason for success and salvation.